About Us

OTS-logo-red-sm.png  Welcome to Old Toys Studio.  We are a little bitty studio that makes really fun apps.  We are currently offering a super scary app called Fear Effects.  Fear Effects allows you to shoot videos then add a monster for playback.  With several choices of monsters you will be able to scare you friends as they watch a seemingly normal video, only to have a monster jump out with a blood-curdling scream.

Fear Effects works great on phones or tablets, but the best scares come from emailing your videos and watching them on a full computer screen.  Keep on the lookout for our newest apps.  We currently have three in development and hope to get you those soon.

We wish we could tell you what we have in store, but aren’t surprises always best.


To contact us:

E-mail: contact@oldtoysstudio.com